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This online workshop will provide participants the platform to engage directly with our subject matter experts (Prof Andreas Engelbrecht and Dr Vidya Lalloo). 


Please ensure that you are registered for the course prior to attending. If you have not done so don’t delay! 

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Registration for the Online Facilitated workshop

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-Once you have submitted your details a confirmation link will be sent 30min before the online workshops session starts (refer to dates & times below).

-Online Facilitated workshop sessions will be hosted via Microsoft Teams. 

Please Note*

To ensure that you get the most value from the sessions please engage with the relevant material prior to the sessions. Topics to be discussed:


Session 1

23 Sept 2020

19:30-21:30 (RSA)



Module 1 – Introduction to respiratory support in COVID-19 patients

Module 2 – How to use PPE for optimal protection



Session 2

30 Sept 2020

19:30-21:30 (RSA)



Module 3 – Non-invasive respiratory support procedures

Module 4 – Lung Physiology, ventilation strategies and how to intubate in COVID-19



Session 3

14 Oct 2020

19:30-21:30 (RSA)



Module 5 – Know how to set the ventilator in different clinical settings

Module 6 – Monitoring patients on respiratory support

Module 7 – Ethical issues in respiratory support in a COVID-19 environment


***Attendance of the online workshop does not replace completion of the course and no certificate of attendance will be issued for this workshop. The method to this opportunity is to walk you through the material allowing you to complete modular MCQ’s after the session.